Demon make some of the best body protection and body armour for action sports. Protective body armour will help shield your body from knocks and bumps whilst snowboarding. D3O is a defensive material featured in Demon’s top end products. It’s a soft dough that moulds to your body but then hardens on impact to protect your body. 


Who Are Demon?

Demon are a humble company that started its life in Salt Lake City in 1999. Their aim was simple, to provide the best impact protection for any level of snowboarder. This can range from a beginner looking for something to protect them from those initial falls whilst learning, right up to a top pro competing in the Olympics. The goal is the same, keep snowboarders safe so they can continue doing what they love best ...snowboarding. Demon protection is suitable for other types of gravity sports and there are now over 150 product lines available. Other sports include mountain biking, skating, roller derby, skiing, snowboarding and BMX. You can get protection for basically any part of your body; heads, elbows, knees, wrist, back/spine. Be safe out there!


What Is D3O?

D3O is basically this awesome specialist material that's been invented and tested to offer superior protection that is flexible, lightweight and durable for action sports. D3O is a Polyurethane energy absorbing material that has many other additives including polyborodimethylsiloxane. This is a dilatant that flows freely, but upon shock locks together which absorbs and disperses energy. It then returns to its original state. So perfect for using in snowboard protection as it reduces the amount of force that gets transmitted to your body and damages it with a harsh impact. Even though D30 mega strong and protective, it's still soft, flexible and comfortable making it an easy ride to wear. 

How does D3O work? 

What Is D3O Impact Protection?

Demon features many items with D3O in them making them top of the pick for snowboard protection. The soft properties means that the protection will form to the shape of your body whilst wearing it, then harden up when you need it to protect you. Demon use D3O in their impact shorts, impact pants, impact top and spine protection. They use it to protect the most vulnerable parts of the body, looking after key areas. 


What Is D3O Used For?

D3O is used in so many other products, some that you wouldn't even expect. For example, electrical products, military, workwear, medical items, footwear, ice skating and motorcycle apparel. Other sports include fencing, squash, ballet, sailing and equestrian. As its brilliant for absorbing shocks and vibrations, it is such a useful material to be used across the board.


What Is SAS-TEC?

SAS-TEC is a high quality soft foam protector These are often removable from a protective item to allow for washing etc. It can be used in conjunction with D3O for optimum protection.  

The Board Basement Favourite Demon Products


Demon Protection Mens X Connect D3O Top 2020

The Xconnect system is the lightest and most integrated system around, with ability of being able to connect the top and together (full neck to coccyx protection). The X Connect Top is an athletic blend of lycra and mesh, the result, it feels super light weight to wear and fits snuggly to the body. The X Connect Top has an upgraded spine and lower back protection for 2020 and a new kidney belt support system. Its features D3O and SAS-TEC throughout and in all the places you need it. Other features include fully ventilated under arm and side and reinforced rib protection with added collar bone protection. It also comes with an adjustable elbow strap for a more customisable fit. This years Xconnect top has extended lower back protection. We have the X Connect Top in a female version too. Its comes in sizes XS-XL and the size guide can be found on our website. 

Demon Protection Mens X Connect D3O Top Demon Protection Mens X Connect D3O Top

Demon Protection Mens X Connect D3O Pants 2020

The X Connect Pants attach to the X Connect Top to make it a full integrated system of protection. You can however wear them seperate if you prefer. They fit snugly to the body underneath your snow gear. It's made out of a lightweight lycra mesh and has full ventilation on the legs to stop you getting too hot and sweaty. It also has extended lower back protection and D3O throughout. To wash the Xconnect top, you just need to hand wash it and air dry. It comes in a female version also and in sizes XS-XXL. A size chart can be found on our website. 

 Demon Protection Mens X Connect D3O PantsDemon Protection Mens X Connect D3O PantsDemon Protection Mens X Connect D3O Pants

Demon Flex-Force X D3O Mens Top V3 2020

You can now attach the Flexforce X Top to the XConnect Pants as they are fitted with the X-Connect system so you can mix and match them all together or wear them separately. If you do wear them together, the connecting elements are covered by a TPR patch to give added comfort. D3O and SAS-TEC are used throughout the top to give protection but integrated well into the fabric to make it slimline and fit snugly. It’s fully ventilated under the arms and the sides. It has D3O BP3 L1 back protection and D3O T5 Evo X elbow and shoulder. It also comes with wrist protection, reinforced rib protection, and additional collar bone protection. The adjustable wrist and elbow sections means you can get a personalised fit. Fully CE EN 1621 -1 and EN 1621 -2 Level 1 certified. We stock the Demon Flex Force X D3O Mens Top V3 in a female version too, and in sizes S-XXL. See the website for a size chart. We also have the Demon Flex-Force X D30 Mens/ Womens Pants too

 Demon Flex-Force X D30 Mens Top V3 2020Demon Flex-Force X D30 Mens Top V3 2020Demon Flex-Force X D30 Mens Top V3 2020

Demon Mens Impact Flex Force Pro Shorts 2020

These are a really handy item just to pop on underneath your snowboard pants and just give that added confidence if you fall on your bottom! These entry level shorts are great value and are low profile (10mm Thermo-form EVA Foam) so they don't make you “bum look big”. They will soften the blow if you land hard with a heavy duty foam tailbone pad. They have removable pads so you can wash the impact short easily and an elastic waist to hold them in place. They come in a female version also and in sizes XS-XXL, there are size charts on the website. 

 Demon Mens Impact Flex Force pro Shorts 2020Demon Mens Impact Flex Force pro Shorts 2020

Demon X Spine D3O Snowboard Spine Guard

This is an adjustable low profile vest to wear underneath your snowboard jacket. It has D3O to protect your spine and your kidneys on impact, the “air shield kidney protection”. It also has a removable belt if needed and is made out of breathable fabric to keep you nice and cool and fresh. The spine guard comes in XS-S and S-M.

 Demon X Spine D3O Snowboard Spine Guard

Now you are fully decked out and protected, it's time to hit the slopes. Ride like a Demon!!!