Magne-what??? Well let me explain…..


What Is Magnetraction?

In short , Magnetraction is a term used to describe the wiggly pattern you get down the edge of some snowboards. This gives you more grip, bite and edge control and is especially good in icy conditions. Magnetraction is also good for carving. And everyone loves a good carve?! Mervin Manufacturing is the company that invented Magnetraction.


It can be hard to keep up with all the new inventions coming out of the snowboard industry and its products, but Magnetraction is an innovation that has really stuck and is now a term used across many brands to describe the “waves” down the side of a snowboard. A true Magnetraction board has 7 bumps, but different manufactures use different variations. However, the principle is the same, a serrated knife-type edge to stop you slipping out on a snowboard turn.


The History Of Magnetraction

Magnetraction was originally developed by Lib Tech Snowboards and pioneers Steven Cobb and Mike Olson. Lib Tech Technologies falls under the umbrella of Mervin Manufacturing. They wanted to create something that would revamp a conventional snowboards "edge control". Something that would give the riders confidence whilst turning, even in the most challenging icy conditions. Today, Magnetraction is used across many different snowboard brands, including the Mervin brands- GNU, Roxy and of course Lib Tech.


Mervin Made Snowboards

I have touched upon this company already but here's more….. Mervin Snowboards is a pretty awesome parent company under which pretty awesome snowboard brands exist (Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy, Bent Mental). Mervin Manufacturing are the manufacturing leaders in snowboard, skateboarding surfing and skiing. They are the longest running and last major snowboard factory to be based in the USA. The factory is actually the world's most environmentally friendly,  zero hazardous waste producing factory in the world. It was founded in 1977 by Mike Olson and Pete Saari. They wanted building snowboards to be easy on everyone and everything involved (the workers/ the environment). They use the safest epoxy resin systems with minimal VOCs and they don't use any solvents at all. They use farmed wood for the snowboard wood cores and Biodiesel to run the factory and all the electricity used by the factory is also "green". They recycle all scrap manufacturing and use sublimates rather than silkscreens for the snowboard graphics.

Mervin Made Snowboards 

How Does Magnetraction Work?

On a traditional snowboard, the pressure pushed down through your feet make the contact points to the snow fall on the tip and tail of your board. In-between your feet is essentially the "dead point". With Magnetraction in this area, it gives you more contact with the snow therefore more control over your edges. Basically if you straighten out a Magnetraction edge, because of its wiggles, it’s actually longer than just a straight edge. It also works well with a rocker camber snowboard. These normally have a more "skatey", catch free feel but are terrible at holding edges at fast speed. Magnetraction gives them a longer area engaged with the snow making them more stable. There are different variations, combinations and sizes to the Magnetraction "bumps" to suit the snowboard (ie: if its rocker/ camber/ hybrid).


Who Can Use Magnetraction?

Anyone! That’s the beauty of it. All mountain aggressive riders love Magnetraction for the edge control and stability at speed. Cruisy all mountain riders love it for giving them confidence in dodgy conditions. Park and freestyle riders love it because they can really detune their edges for the park, but then the Magnetraction maintains their edge control when they need it. Any style of snowboarder will get a benefit out of Magnetraction.


Magnetraction isn't just a passing phase, it's a snowboard worthy invention here to stay. It’s a cleverly added feature to a snowboard to give any snowboarder the confidence when snowboarding. AND created by a company that's core values and beliefs are to protect the environment. I know what I would do if I was given the chance to buy a snowboard with Magnetraction!!!