Drum roll please……..new to The Board Basement this season, and a brand that we are all VERY excited about is….ROME SNOWBOARDS.


What Does Rome SDS Stand For?

Rome SDS actually stands for Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate. They make everything you need for the hill including snowboards, snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, snowboard outerwear and apparel. All types of riders have added designs into the Syndicate.


What Is The Rome Lodge?

It all began for us when The Board Basement were invited to the Rome Lodge in March 2019 for a week of fun and banter to test out the 2020 range of Rome Snowboards. Rome took the plunge to rent out a luxury chalet called The Rome Lodge, in Diedamskopf, Austria. Here they invite and host multiple guest from shops, media, snowboarders and friends over to the lodge to eat, snowboard and be merry. Their main objective was to give people the opportunity to test out the new seasons products. The idea behind it was that it was more fun actually riding the products than just talking about them. This year was The Board Basements turn. The combination of an epic week of fresh powder and an even more epic week of awesome snowboards, we were sold. The winter order was placed with Rome before we had even boarded the Easy Jet flight home.

 Rome Lodge 2019

Who are Rome Snowboards?

Rome SDS was started in 2001 by Josh Reed and Paul Maravetz in Waterbury, VT. They had both worked at Burton Snowboards in the passed but had decided that the industry needed some focus on superior products rather than focus on marketing strategies. Rome is one of the original rider-driven snowboard brands and has been leading progression in the industry over the past 18 years. The are a "snowboard-only" brand (rather than selling skis as well!) and have something for every style and type of snowboarder….with any type of budget. Each year Rome pull it out the bag with their technical equipment and durable construction, not to mention their stealthy style and awesome graphics. Rome's image is definitely loyal to the snowboard cultures core values and original roots. The brand is fuelled by passion and an incurable hunger for snow. Today Rome SDS continues to grow, its now stocked in many different stores all over the world.

Rome Lodge Trip- The Board Basement 

Where are Rome boards manufactured?

Rome snowboards have been based in Waterbury, Vermont, from the beginning. But now they are joining the operating platform of Low Pressure Studio in Amsterdam, however Rome's creative, R&D and design will stay in Vermont. Rome will be joining famous brands such as Bataleon, Lobster and Switchback, which are all fall under "The Nidecker Group"…run by the Nidecker Brothers.

 Rome Lodge Trip- The Board Basement

Rome Team Riders

Rome SDS are bored of only seeing the Olympic snowboarders sponsored by snowboard companies. There are so many different paths to snowboarding, the Olympics shouldn't be the be all and end all. So, they sponsor more "dark horses" of the snowboard world, like Jonaven Moore, Jesse Fox and Marius Otterstad. For the UK we have the legend and long time snowboarder that is Angus Leith representing Rome. Angus is "go big or go home" style and parties as hard as he snowboards. Not to mention the best scottish banter in the business. Then for the girls we have up and coming (although she's already there in my eyes!) Mia Brooks. She is a young gun oozing with gangster style and has a bag of tricks bigger than some top pros. I would place money on her going to the Olympics or/ and landing some sepic movie parts in a few years time. The we have Nauris Putenis born in Latvia, a total rad shredder doing it for the pure love of snowboarding. Conar Carey, all round awesome guys with awesome ticks up his sleve. And of course Fin Bremner, another young gun who steals the show eherevr he rides! WHAT A TEAM!!!!! 


What Are The Best Rome Snowboards?

Rome SDS have some iconic snowboards that win awards year after year. We have tried and tested all of snowboards in the Rome range and these are The Board Basements favourites:


Rome Gang Plank Snowboard

This all-mountain freestyle snowboard was designed for side-hit-heros in mind. You know those days that you just want to have a jolly good laugh messing around on the piste, making the mountain into a massive playground. Well, this it the snowboard for doing just that. Saying that, it is pretty awesome for slaying around the whole mountain and mega park days. It bends, its flexes, it pops and it generally rips around the hill. So the tech…….It's a Contact Rocker so is loose and playful and floats effortlessly in powder. Its flex rating is a 6/10 and its a true twin with a QuickRip Sidecut (an alternative to your normal gradual sidecut, this one creates mid-board contact points with the snow near your bindings to give you added grip when you need it). The core of the snowboard is a Pop Core Matrix which is strong wood with 2 zones of lighter wood- this is what makes it nimble and responsive. Its laminate is a Bamboo Single Barrel Pattern and a StraightBiax which is used in boards who's focus is more fun and mellow. The Gang Plank has Rebound Sidewalls that have a higher elasticity and can take more of a beating. The base of the board is a SinterTrue Base which makes it super fast. It also has GlassPack Impact Plates that absorb the energy put on your snowboard from your bindings so it doesn't compress the core. To set up your bindings onto it, it has 2 x4 binding inserts. The Board Basement stocks the Rome Gang Plank in a 158.

 Rome Gang Plank SnowboardQuick Rip Side Cut

Rome Ravine Snowboard

This all mountain, freeride powder snowboard lives and breathes powder. It has a deep side cut which is perfect for cutting through that fresh stuff, and the directional camber makes you feel like you are surfing. Its a durable yet fun and poppy snowboard, one that you can really rely on to have a good time. Now for the tech…….The Ravine is a Free-The-Ride 3D Camber which is 3D rocker in the nose of the snowboard (gives the surfy feeling) then a positive camber from the front foot to the tail (which gives its power and response). Its flex rating is 6/10 and it's a direction snowboard which is ideal for all-mountain and powder riding. It also has a Bi-Radial Sidecut and a Taper 6mm to 10mm. The Ravine's laminate is a Bamboo Thruster that includes 2 rods that start at the back snowboard binding and then angle out towards the edges of the board. This gives a tail-specific power and is also great for carving. It also has a 45/90 Hybrid Laminate that gives an all-mountain freestyle feel by combing 45 degree fibres (playful) with 90 degree fibres (strong). The base of the Ravine is SinterTrue Base which is a FAST one! To attach your bindings the are 2x4 binding inserts. The Board Basement stocks the Rome Ravine in 152, 155 and 158.

 Rome Ravine Snowboard

Hot Rods

Rome Hot Rods-Thruster

Rome Mod

The Mod is a high-end all-mountain freestyle board that devours anything in its path (mainly snow!). This is the board of choice for pro riders Stale Sanbech and Renne Rinnekangas and if you see how the slay, you'll know why it's one hell of a snowboard to have in the collection. It has a really lively ride but with heaps of powder driven behind it. Now for the tech……The Mod is a Stay Positive Camber which is the original style of snowboards, tried and tested and strong. A regular camber gives precision and amazing edge control, not to mention film worthy carves. It has a flex rating of 7-8/10 and is true twin to open up options of freestyle and switch snowboarding. It has a Sintercarbon Base which is actually Romes highest spec base- 10,000 sintered so gives you RAPID speed. It has a Superlight Biax Caron Laminate which give it its strength and then Sinterstrong sidewalls to damped vibrations and juddering whilst riding. Now, it has a few other added features that makes it stand out in the crowd……The Rome Mod has Airpop Superlight Core Matrix which is Romes lightest core with 5 zones of wood sandwiched between poplar wood. This makes it nimble yet durable. It also has Carbon Reverse Radial V Turbo Rods that sit in a sleeve. These move inside the sleeve so they are constrained and also give the snowboard its mega pop. To finish off, the Mod has Glasspack Impact Plates which are Kevlar and Fibreglass reinforced panels under your feet for better response. To attach your bindings there are 2x4 binding inserts. The Board Basement stocks the Rome Mod in 156 and 159.

Rome Mod Snowboard

Turbo Rods 

Turbo Rods

For The Girls- The Rome Royal

Well its a regal as it sounds as it carves up the whole mountain with grace and style. Its suited to any standard as it will support the girl shredder right from beginning to pro. This is down to its Contact Rocker profile which gives it it's forgiving and playful feel. Now for the tech…….The Contact Rocker has a more "free" feeling that the Contact Camber and mean less edge catches. . This means its perfect for cursing the whole mountain, jibbing the park and floating effortlessly in powder. It has a flex rating of 3/10 so pretty soft and fun. The QuickRip Sidecut creates additional contact points with the snow beneath your bindings which gives you edge control, great with the rocker as this gives you confidence when you turn. Its core is TTT Core Matrix which is 100% wood and gives the snowboard amazing pop and flex. The Laminate is StraightBiax which is often used on snowboards with a more mellow ride. The Glass Single Barrel on the laminate is milled into the core to add even more pop. You'll be orbiting the moon! The Royal has the Hot Rod Technology- which are reinforcement rods to give extra power where needed. The base is a XTRD Base which is an extruded base, super easy to repair.  It has 2x4 Binging inserts to attach your bindings. The Board Basement stocks the Royal in a 144 and 147.

 Rome Royal Snowboard


Fun Fact

All Rome Snowboards come with a 2 year warranty.


The Rome Rep

Ex snowboarder Rich Jonas is now the (semi-cool) Rome Rep for the UK. He is VERY passionate about the brand which is perfect for Romes values. We managed to pin down this jet-setting, globe trotting, semi-cool rep down and get a few lines from him about why he is so excited about Rome SDS inhabiting The Board Basement-take it away Rich……

"Rome Snowboards are always down for snowboarding no matter what condition, Rome has a board to suit everyone's style and standard. I am very excited to share it with The Board Basement, the only stockest in the South West. Not only are our boards light weight and responsive, but they pack a serious punch. Rome always go a little bit against the grain (which suits me!),but its what sets us apart from the crowd and keeps us inovating"

Thanks Rich! Strong words from the man himself


So now you've heard it from the horses mouth, come check out our extensive collection of Rome Snowboards at The Board Basement, we promise you will be like a kid at christmas.