Howl is an American grassroots snowboard glove/ mitten company. They make winterized accessories FOR snowboarders made BY snowboarders. Howl is a relatively young company (started 2012) in the snowboard industry and is owned by pro snowboarders Darrel Mathes and Nima Jalali. Howl’s aim was to make awesomely stylish gloves and mittens that don't skip on functionality. 2020 sees another rad range of products. 


What’s Warmer, Gloves Or Mittens?

This is a frequently asked question in the snowboard and ski business. Gloves have separate fingers and many opt for these for the dexterity they give. Plus it's easy to point at things in gloves, like directions down the slopes???! Mittens only have a separate thumb, the rest of your fingers are together. This keeps your fingers warmer as they are snuggled up to each other. Some prefer the simplicity of mittens whilst others may feel they restrict the hands…..and you can't point! So as you can see, it's totally personal preference.

Howl Network Mitten 

What Are Trigger Mitts?

Trigger Mitts are a half-way option between snowboard gloves and snowboard mittens. These were originally designed for men who hunted seabirds, they needed warmth but mobility. They are created to keep 3 of your fingers together, then keep your index finger seperate for dexterity. So in a nutshell, the best of both worlds. 

 Howl Trigger Mittens

Do Snowboarders Wear Mittens Or Gloves?

Again this is totally personal preference. It can depend a lot on your style and steeze, but also on what sort of snowboarding you might be doing. If you are doing lots of powder and backcountry riding, you may prefer the added warmth of mittens. If you are riding street/ urban or perhaps doing a job in the snow (Liftie/ Instructor) where you might need to be more agile with your hands, you might prefer gloves. I would say on the mountain these days though there is a higher percentage of snowboarders wearing mittens.


The Howl Team

Howl very much wanted to create a brand that was snowboarder led and that their team riders were really involved with. They have gloves and mittens for every type of snowboarding and every style, and then an awesome group of shredders to represent them…...Joey Sexton, Danyale Patterson, Jake Welch, LNP, Seb Picard and our very own, Will name but a few. All of the team riders are very passionate about the product and really create the cool Howl vibe. 


How Should Snowboard Gloves Fit?

Snowboard gloves or mittens should fit your hand like a shoe fits your foot; snug but not too tight. They should cover the ends of your fingertips without too much excess room to spare. They should fit your fingers properly and come down right to the “web” or crevice in between your fingers. Then the palm of the gloves should sit directly on your palm. The gloves or mittens shouldnt constrict your fingers and movement. A good test is to make a fist with your hand, if the glove/ mitten is stopping you do this then it's the wrong fit. 


The Board Basement’s Favourite Howl Mittens


Howl Fairbank Mitt

A simple yet effective mittens worn by many park shredders and workers due to its easy design. Its has a velcro tab cuff closure to keep it nice and tight whilst riding and ensuring the snow doesn't come in. It also has a cuff pull cinch to get it even more secure.  It has a micro suede thumb and is touch screen compatible, so you don't even have to take your mitts off to use your phone and take awesome videos of your friends doing gnarly tricks. It is made out of an insulated polyester outer shell and has a PU leather palm with brushed tricot lining. It has a warm and waterproof rating of 10K/ 10K and 3 out of 5 on the Howl warmth chart. The removable wrist cords ensure that they dont drop off the lift whilst you’re riding up. The Board Basement stocks the Fairbank Mitt in Black and Red and in various sizes. 

 Howl Fairbanks Mittens- Red

Howl Team Mitt

This is very much the mitt of choice for the it was designed BY the team with every style of rider in mind. They come in block colours with a bold logo, making them a very visually striking choice. Again, they have the insulated Polyester outer shell and PU leather palm with brushed tricot lining. These mitts have a “over the cuff” fit to ensure zero snow enters your lovely toastie hands. Other features include removable wrist cords, touch screen compatibility and cuff pull cinch. The Team Mitt has a 10K/ 10K waterproof insert and is rated by Howl 3 out of 5 for warmth. They come in a Navy and a Green and The Board Basement has them in various sizes. 

Howl Team Mitten 

Howl Trigger Mitt

The design of this mitt has been newly updated for this season with a stylish look and a longer cuff with pull cinch. It has a digital goat leather palm accent that makes it a super durable glove you can use all day long. It is made out of a polyester outer and pig perforated leather and microsuede thumb (touch screen compatible). The micro fleece lining makes it very warm, no cold hands here. With a waterproof zipper and locking zip pull these are pretty freaking awesome trigger mitts… you the ability to point! The Trigger Mitts are lovely and warm with a Howl rating of 4 out of 5 and a 10K/ 10K. These come in black and sand and in various different sizes. 

Howl Trigger Mitten 

Collab Mittens- The Howl Sexton Mittens

Every year Howl will do a collaboration with some seriously dope shredder, this year its rail rider Joey Sexton. He wanted something really durable for the rope toes when he is hot lapping the park and for any other sort of crazy snowboarding. Due to the quilted goat and the suede leather, this glove does just that. It rated 4 out of 5 on the Howl chart and has Primaloft insulation/ micro fleece lining. It also has a Hypora 10K/5K waterproof insert to add it its quality tech. Like many Howl mittens, it comes with the removable wrist cords and velcro tab closure. The Board Basement stocks the Sexton Mitt in Black and in various sizes. 

 Howl Sexton Mitten

Snowboard gloves or snowboard mittens...there's no right or wrong and whatever you decide will be the right decision for YOU.  


Check out the full 2020 Howl range on our website now.