We often get asked the question “ What are the best snowboard boots to buy?”.

This is tricky to answer as everyone has different shape/ size feet. Cinderella is a good example- what is a perfect fit for someone, may not be as good for someone else.

The great thing about ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots however is they have so many different ways to customise the snowboard boots so you can get the fit that's right FOR YOU! Cinderella, you shall go to the ball!


ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots

Wearing the right snowboard boots is one of the most important factors whilst snowboarding. ThirtyTwo make some of the most innovative snowboard boots on the market today. Their Intuition Liners make them extremely comfortable and the STI Foam makes them super responsive. Not to mention a whole load of other fancy features. This recipe of refined technology allows optimum performance whilst wearing ThirtyTwo snowboard boots. They are also well known for the funky designs and colours on the boots outer shell. 

ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots 

The History Of ThirtyTwo

ThirtyTwo was created by snowboarders for snowboarders and have been making snowboard boots and snowboard outerwear since 1995. They are now considered (and quite rightly so) one of the leaders in the snowboard industry. They are owned by a company called Sole, an action sports brand that also do Etnies Shoes, so footwear is definitely their “thing” and they know what they are doing. They even have a dedicated research lab called The STI Lab where they analyze snowboarding to develop cutting edge technology to use in their snowboard boots. They are made for shredding and do what they say on the tin. Due to their great reputation, they have an amazing team of snowboarders behind them, including JP Walker, Scott Stevens and Chris Bradshaw, all total legends.


What is an Intuition Liner?

An Intuition liner offers you the perfect, most comfortable, custom fit. These are made out of Intuition EVA Foam that is heat moldable (thermo- formable). The liners have been made from developments of blended cell compounds from raw material. From these, supreme foams with resilient, tough and elastic properties have been formed. These are not only durable and comfortable, but really lightweight so not weighing you down whilst you snowboard. They have excellent memory to dial in your custom fit, and are remouldable. The cushioning in the liners are good shock absorbers so they will give you a smoother ride and better for your joints etc. An Intuition liner will also ensure your feet are kept toasty warm on the mountain, all day every day.  A decent liner can really enhance your snowboard performance. They give you a firm foothold for a very responsive reaction.


Should I Heat Mould My Snowboard Boots?

Actually the Intuition liner that’s in a Thirty Two Snowboard Boot will mould to the shape of your feet just by wearing them. This is from the natural heat given out from your foot. So the more you wear them, the comfier they will feel. You should only mould a thirtytwo boot liner if they dont fit and you have pressure points or experiencing pain. If they fit well already, there is absolutely no need. When a liner is heat moulded by a machine, the foam will actually expand to increase the volume around your foot to mould the shape. Most snowboard shops will be able to do this for you if needs be. 


Do ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots Fit True To Size?

Yes!! ThirtyTwo’s boot sizing is pretty accurate so stick to your normal footwear size. If you are hovering between 2 sizes, I would go a size down. Snowboard boots should feel nice and snug around your whole foot and ankle. The boots will “pack-out” (get bigger) the more you wear them so a smaller size will last you longer and not get too sloppy. Due to the Intuition boot liner, the boots will form and fit nicely after a few wears. This gives ThirtyTwo snowboard boots their guaranteed fit. 


What Is STI Foam?

STI Foam is a revolutionary new foam that replaces your typical heavy rubber/EVA with a more durable, light weight, abrasion resistant foam. It is high impact and rebound cushioning makes it super comfortable, and all together decreases the weight of the boot. Many of the Thirty Two Snowboard boots have STI Energy Foam, you’ll feel like you have springs on your feet whilst snowboarding!


How Can I Make My Snowboard Boots Fit Better?

All Thirty Two Snowboard boots come with a Heel Hold Kit. These allow you to customise the fit of your snowboard boots and give you extra heel support. They look like little donuts (!!) and sit in between your liner and the outer shell.The flexible foam pads cup your heel to stop heel lift and they come in different sizes to give you lots of variations. These are also good if you have had your boots for a long time and they have packed out and you would like to make them more snug again. 


How Long Do Snowboard Boots Last?

It depends how much snowboarding you are doing AND how much you are walking around the resort in them. For a general rule, I would say about 100 days. BUT the great thing about ThirtyTwo Snowboard boots is that you can tweak them with the Heel Hold Kit when they start to pack out. This makes them last longer. And I would allow 1-2 weeks for the snowboard boots to “break in”. Wearing them around the house (and to Tescos??!) is a good technique to lessen this time frame. 


Our Favourite ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots At The Board Basement


Mullair ThirtyTwo Mens Snowboard Boot

New to The Board Basement and new to Thirty Two this year are the Mullair ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots. There is a lot of hype around these and for good reason. They are built for the swiss pro Nicolas Muller and design specifically for his smooth riding and buttery flex.  He wanted to make a really safe snowboard boot, ultimately create his dream boot. It has so many features to make it just this. You can fine tune this boot with tailored Lacing Technology to get the perfect fit and to suit your riding style. The Cushion Cup locks your heel down into place and the cushy energy foam allows you to have super comfort on those hikes. The Mullair Boots have an ultra light and grippy Michelin Fiberlite Outsole, slipping is not an option! Other technology includes STI Energy Foam for high rebound cushioning, Over Mould which is a fused overlay, a cushion cup which gives you superior heel hold and a snow guard. They have an elite footbed, an elite fit and an elite internal harness which is built taller for ultimate support. The Mullair snowboard boot is a medium flex boot (5/10) with a storm guard (an all weather seal), articulated cuff and tailored lacing. The moulded toe cap gives you rugged toe reinforcement and the performance backstay gives you enhanced spine support. Now for the tongue; it has 3D Moulded tongue and Tongue Tension+ which gives you an even flex in the boot. The recoil flex control allows you to put in boot flex inserts to customise the stiffness of the boot. The Mullair boot comes in 2 different colour ways; black and tie dye and in various sizes.

 Mens Mullair ThrityTwo Snowboard BootsMens ThirtyTwo Mullair Snowboard Boots

TM2 ThirtyTwo Mens Snowboard Boot

These snowboard boots are minimal and modern and a favourite of pro snowboarder Scott Stevens and also packed few of juicy features that enable you to charge the whole mountain like a boss. It has STI Energy Foam and inspired by skate and a performance rubber outsole to grip to any terrain with confidence. Other tech includes a 3D Moulder tongue, overmold and a performance internal hardness. It has a Performance fit and footbed and is medium flex (7/10). It has an Articulated Cuff and Performance Backstay. And of course the heel hold system and the self-moulding Intuition Foam to round the boot off nicely. The TM2 Snowboard Boots come in a lace version and Double Boa and we have them in various colour ranges and sizes to suit different riders. 

Mens ThirtyTwo TM-2 Snowboard Boots Mens ThirtyTwo TM-2 Snowboard Boots

Lashed Double Boa ThirtyTwo Mens/ Womens Snowboard Boots

This is our favourite “go-to” snowboard boot at The Board Basement and also one of the most recognizable boots in the snowboard world. This is the snowboard boot of choice for Chris Bradshaw, probably because it's so easy and convenient to adjust your feet due to the duel Boa system. You also get the ultimate fit with the Independent Eyestay and the heat Intuition moldable liner. This boot is medium flex (6/10) and a versatile boot that you can take anywhere. It also has the Evolution Foam Outsole and a 3D Moulded Tongue for an even flex amd a Team Internal Harness which is standard height with a medium support but with high flexibility and heel hold. The Articulated Cuff eliminates heel distortion  and the performance backstay gives enhanced spine support. We stock these in Black and Maroon for the guys and Rose for the girls. They come in various sizes to suit all. 

Mens Thirtytwo Lashed Double Boa Mens ThirtyTwo Lashed Double Boa Snowboard BootWomens ThirtyTwo Lashed Double Boa Snowboard Boots

Do ThirtyTwo Do Outerwear?

Yes they do, and they do some of the highest standards for technical fabrics on the market. Fo example, the new Mullaire range is 30k waterproofing and 30k waterproofing, pretty much bullet proof for wearing on the mountain in any condition mother nature throws at you. But more on all this in a future blog. For now, check out our ThirtyTwo Outerwear range at The Board Basement. 

 Mens Mullair ThirtyTwo Snowboard Jacket 2020Mens Mullair ThirtyTwo Snowboard Jacket 2020Mens Mullair ThirtyTwo Snowboard Pant 2020

With so many options and variations of ThirtyTwo Snowboard boots and so many ways to customise them to your feet, Thirtytwo Snowboard boots come up tops when the age old question is aked “ What are the best snowboard boots to buy”.