Remind Insoles

Remind Insoles are one of the leading brands of action sport insoles on the market. They promote healthy feet through joint alignment, foot cushioning, injury prevention and shock absorption. These snow specific footbeds to allow you to ride all day without pain and fatigue.
Remind Insoles Medic Footbeds use a layered-foam-system for impact rebound and offer maximum foot support and pain relief. They have extra cushioning which feels like walking on clouds (true story).The Remind Cush Insoles custom mould to your foot whilst wearing them giving you the best fit possible.
Remind Insoles have also been tested by us here at The Board Basement and we can highly recommend them. They are not just limited to snowboarding and skating. You can also use them for walking, running, jumping, standing, cartwheeling and just general living on planet Earth!
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  • Remind Insoles Cush Footbeds
    Remind Insoles Cush Footbeds
    As low as £29.99
  • Remind Insoles Medic Footbeds
    Remind Insoles Medic Footbeds
    As low as £39.99
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