Cruiser Skateboards

Cruisers are essentially the shorter more chilled out little brother of the longboard. Whilst longboards are designed for longer journeys downhill racing and slalom cruisers are the perfect city board for any type of riders. They are lightweight and compact meaning you can carry them on a bus or the tube with zero hassle. Kit yourself out with a skate pack from The Board Basement and you can strap your cruiser in for even easier transportation. Cruisers have the ease of a skateboard but crucially have fatter softer wheels. Whereas most skateboard wheels are made out of polyurethane rated to around 90-100 durometre longboard and cruiser wheels usually rate around 70-80. The softer wheel is able to take on rougher more uneven surfaces with ease making cruisers the perfect tool for getting around cities traversing pavements and other road surfaces. If you have any skate related queries give us a call or drop us an email at The Board Basement and we'd be happy to help.
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