Snow Safety Equipment

In the unfortunate event that you are caught in an avalanche, it is important to have the right safety equipment to protect yourself and others you are snowboarding with. Adventures into the backcountry are exciting, but mother nature is unpredictable and snow conditions can change quickly.
There are 3 “do not leave home without” items that you should have with you when venturing off-piste:
1) A Transceiver transmits a signal to help others find you if you are buried in the snow and helps you find others. 2) Probes help you to more precisely locate people that are buried by penetrating compact snow and measuring snow depth. 3) Shovels pretty much do what they say on the tin…..SHOVEL!
There are other items of safety gear to consider too, including specific backpacks to keep it all in. We also have discounted mountain safety equipment. We stock well-known reliable brands such as Ortovox and K2.
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